With expertise in designing and executing drug discovery, Red Glead Discovery assists you in the development of small molecule or peptide leads and clinical candidates.


We believe close cooperation is key to successful drug discovery. For us it is essential to always be close at hand and to give you quick assistance. Red Glead Discovery work as a team, and that is the spirit we believe should characterize the collaboration between you and us as well. We are ready to join you on your journey to new discoveries. Contact us »


Medicinal Chemistry

Our medicinal chemists are experts in finding chemical starting points and creating lead series of high quality

Peptide Chemistry

Design and synthesis of high-quality peptides for a variety of applications within pharma and academia

ADME & Analysis

From compound profiling and bioanalysis to structural elucidation by NMR, we provide critical analytical data to clients

Assays & Screening

Assay development, validation, optimization and screening of small molecules and peptides

Fragment Screening

As an efficient and innovative approach to drug discovery, we offer fragment based screening techniques, e.g. WAC™


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