Our biology services span a wide range of capabilities with respect to assay development and miniaturization, validation, optimization and implementation, and finally screening of small molecules and peptides.


Red Glead Discovery offers a broad range of in-vitro biology services to support pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers in drug discovery. With access to advanced instruments, fit-for-purpose laboratories, and professional knowledge, we provide customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We deliver high-quality data by applying specific criteria during the process to ensure robustness and reproducibility.

Our skilled scientists will work with you to provide a cost-effective testing format. We provide method descriptions and data along with detailed reports of results with interpretation and suggestions for further work.

Assay Development

RGD offers high quality assay development services with various readouts and formats, typically including Luminescence, Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarisation, Time Resolved FRET (HTRF), AlphaScreen, AlphaLisa, ELISA, Multiplex analysis etc.

  • Biochemical assays:
    • Development of primary, secondary and selectivity assays for efficacy evaluations
    • Assay validation and optimization
    • Screening of compounds, fragments, and peptides
  • Cell- based assays:
    • Design and implementation of target-relevant assays in primary cells and cell lines
    • Cell viability, proliferation, and apoptosis assays

Other in-vitro biology services

  • FACS, RT-PCR, Western Blot for characterization of screening hits
  • Downstream signal and biomarker analysis
  • Multiplex cytokine analysis, MSD
  • Histology and IHC preparation/analysis
  • PBMC, B, T, NK cell isolation etc. from human whole blood
  • Immuno-phenotyping with multi-color FACS

Key instruments

We routinely perform analysis using instruments such as EnVision® Multilabel Plate Reader (Perkin Elmer), SpectraMax 340PC plate reader, MSD SECTOR Imager 2400, Agilent Cary 60 UV-Vis, AttuneTM NxT Flow Cytometer, PCR (Applied Biosystems), RT-PCR (Bio RAD CFX96), etc.


Why partner with us

  • Experienced scientific team with a strong background in in-vitro biology
  • High quality, flexible, time-, and cost-efficient services
  • Advanced laboratory equipment and highly regulated environment
  • Integrated drug discovery solutions with Medicinal Chemistry and DMPK
  • Strong track record of performing repeated work for satisfied clients




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