Integrated Drug Discovery

Our integrated drug discovery platform forms the basis for the drug projects we are involved in. The platform is highly adaptable to the skills and capabilities of our clients and partners. The integrated approach brings various aspects of the drug discovery together to ultimately speed up this process. Focusing on small molecules and peptides, our cross-functional capabilities range from synthesis and medicinal chemistry to in vitro biology, ADME and fragment screening.

Having compound design and synthesis co-localized with the first wave biology and ADME testing, enables fast project progression and design-make-test-analyze cycles. Working in close proximity also provides our dedicated project teams with a high problem-solving capacity. By handling compounds within the same premises and minimizing the need for shipments, we can save time, resources, and reduce our impact on the environment. For you as a client or partner, this means less administration, efficient communication and more time for data analyses and informed project decisions.

We believe close cooperation is key to successful drug discovery. We work as one team, and this is the spirit we believe should characterize our collaboration with you. We are ready to join you on your journey to new discoveries.

A prerequisite for effective drug discovery is a chemistry plan amenable for execution together with a matching screening cascade, aligned with the product objectives of the drug project. Based on our expertise, we can assist clients in evaluating alternative strategies and proposals for project-tailored chemistry plans and screening cascades, using our skills in combination with the project-specific capabilities of the client and trusted partners to enable efficiency.

We work with chemical starting points from multiple origins: public domain compounds, HTS/MTS data sets, tool compounds from the client or marketed drugs. Alternatively, we can assist in finding fully novel chemical matter by using fragment-based technologies and rational computer- and structure-based design.

Out of the many compounds made during the subsequent multi-parameter optimization process, the most promising are efficiently sifted out and ultimately a clinical candidate drug can be selected based on the defined product profile.


Medicinal Chemistry

As one of the pillars of our integrated drug discovery platform, Red Glead Discovery provides clients with a broad experience in medicinal chemistry and synthetic chemistry.

Fragment Screening

Red Glead Discovery in partnership with SARomics Biostructures operates an integrated fragment-based lead discovery platform enabling hit finding and validation for a wide variety of biological targets.

Computational Chemistry

Computational Chemistry takes advantage of both fast and accurate in silico techniques to obtain insights at the molecular level, providing valuable information essential for expediting the drug discovery and development processes.

Peptide Chemistry

We provide custom peptide synthesis and drug discovery services for both industry and academia using state-of-the-art methods.

Assays & Screening

A fit-for purpose, robust screening model for evaluating target efficacy is the heart of the drug discovery machine, and crucial in enabling swift progress for a project.

NMR Spectroscopy

Red Glead Discovery offers high-quality solution NMR services, ranging from quality control to advanced structure elucidation.

ADME & Bioanalysis

Red Glead Discovery’s ADME & Bioanalysis function supports drug discovery projects by providing lab services designed to analyze compound characteristics.