Red Glead Discovery supports drug discovery projects with lab services aimed at analyzing compound characteristics, which leads to a better understanding of their properties and thereby their suitability for further development.


Supported services:

  • Screen solubility (from DMSO solutions)
  • Customized solubility from solid material
  • Lipophilicity (logD, logP)
  • Stability studies (chemical stability, temperature, light)
  • Plasma protein binding through rapid equilibrium dialysis (several species)
  • In vitro metabolism in microsomes (rodent, canine, human species)
  • Plasma stability
  • Impurity proofing and ID


Red Glead Discovery supports drug discovery projects with in-house bioanalytical services conducted on biological samples from in vitro or in vivo studies. We have vast experience in bioanalysis of small molecules and peptides through LC-MS/MS.

  • Study design of pharmacokinetic experiments
  • Study of suitable pre-formulations for i.v. and p.o. in pre-clinical species *
  • Quantitative Bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS
  • Calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters

* We can also help you perform high-quality investigations of purity and determine concentration (e.g. dose control) using HPLC with various detection methods. We have in-house capabilities to supplement such investigations with NMR studies.



Our expertise in combination with suitable NMR experiments on our spectrometers enable customized and advanced NMR study packages and delivery of high quality NMR reports.

NMR studies of small molecules, peptides, proteins & polymers often involve:

  • Quantification & purity analyses – QNMR is useful for determining potency in pharmaceutical and environmental samples
  • Elucidation and identification of chemical structures of compounds, peptides, metabolites and impurities
  • 3D conformation and characterization of conformational dynamics
  • 1H and 3H NMR on radioactive samples
  • Fragment screening & studies of ligand-protein interactions

A quality system was implemented in 2016 for quantitative and qualitative NMR in order to further support our development phase clients.


Labs & Technologies

Red Glead Discovery has well-equipped analytical & ADME laboratories that are fit-for-purpose, including accurate weighing procedures and adequate sample preparation.

Key instruments

  • Sciex QTRAP 4500 LC-MS/MS system with a Shimadzu UPLC-UV
  • Several analytical HPLC systems with UV/DAD and/or MS detection with additional capabilities for chiral analysis and fluorescence detection
  • 400 MHz Varian Inova spectrometer used for open access (1H/13C)
  • 500 MHz Varian Inova spectrometer. Several probe heads available: (1H/2H/3H/13C/15N/19F/31P)
  • 500 MHz Bruker Avance, (1H/2H/3H/13C/15N/19F/31P etc)


If you would like to know more about how to exploit our ADME, analytical and/or NMR capabilities, please contact us at:

Or visit us in our laboratories in:

Building 403 at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden

Companies, academic groups, and any other interested party located at or outside Medicon Village may get direct walk-up access to the 400 MHz NMR spectrometer including technical support. For details on fees and possibilities, please contact us at or at +46464601291.



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