About Red Glead Discovery

Red Glead Discovery is an established CRO company based in the south of Sweden in the research- intensive Medicon Valley region. Since its inception, the company has accumulated a large customer base both in Europe and overseas.


The company name Red Glead Discovery is made out of a combination of a central concept of ours “Lead Discovery” and an old English name for the Red Kite (Swedish “Glada”), which is the provincial bird of Skåne.

Red Glead Discovery was founded in 2011 by seven experienced scientists with a passion for drug discovery. Already from the start a wide range of services were offered and the response from both industrial and academic life science has truly surpassed our expectations. Today we are a proud team of more than 35 professional researchers, contributing to the future health of patients with many different diseases.

You will find us situated with labs and offices at Medicon Village in Lund/Sweden.


Johan Evenäs

Chief Executive Officer

After earning his PhD degree in biophysical chemistry at Lund University 1998, he conducted post-doc studies at Toronto University. During 2001-2011, Johan successfully acted as manager for outsourced projects, lead medicinal chemist in early discovery projects, and NMR manager at AstraZeneca R&D Lund. In addition, he was active in the patent review board of Respiratory & Inflammation 2008-2011. Besides his professional career, he was Swedish national team member in judo, 1990-1996.

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Mail: johan.evenas@redglead.com

Martina Kvist Reimer

Executive Vice President

PhD in neurobiology at Lund University. During her 9 years at AstraZeneca, she gathered broad experience in drug discovery as well as clinical development phases. Martina has held responsibilities for target identification and validation activities. Martina also coordinated pre-clinical data documentation for the submission of clinical trial applications (IMPD, IND) and was instrumental in exploratory clinical studies. She made her post-doc in the field of diabetes research and is co-author of 14 scientific publications. Martina has valuable competence in the field of human resources partly based on courses in organizational psychology and labour law.

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Mail: martina.kvistreimer@redglead.com

Johan Wennerberg

Head of Science

He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry 1997 at Lund University where he worked with natural product synthesis and method development. After a year as lecturer he joined DuPont Chemoswed, first as development chemist and later as Head of Chemistry. The work was focused on synthesis of candidate drugs for clinical trials in areas like oncology, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders and CNS-diseases. He has a broad experience in synthetic organic chemistry and is the author of around 20 scientific publications, 2 patents and several books. He joined Red Glead Discovery in 2020 and holds a position as associate professor in organic chemistry at Lund University.

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Mail: johan.wennerberg@redglead.com

Richard Johnsson

Head of Peptide Chemistry

After receiving his PhD degree in organic chemistry from Lund University in 2008 he continued with a post-doc in chemical biology of oligonucleotides at McGill University in Montreal 2008-2011. Richard then took up a position as researcher at Lund University before joining Red Glead Discovery in 2014. He has gathered broad experience within research of biomolecules, such as peptides, carbohydrates, and oligonucleotides and is the co-author of 23 research articles and three patents. He is also co-supervisor of a PhD-student and a Post-doctoral fellow at Lund University.

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Mail: richard.johnsson@redglead.com


Thomas Brimert

Head of Research and Development

Received a PhD in organic chemistry from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During his 11 years at AstraZeneca R&D Lund, he gained considerable medicinal chemistry experience. He has contributed to successfully delivered clinical candidates in kinase, protease and receptor projects within the respiratory & inflammation therapy area.

During his post-doc with Prof. Jan Becher at the University of Odense in Denmark, he developed new synthetic methods to supramolecular building blocks. Thomas is co-author of 8 scientific publications and 8 patents.

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Mail: thomas.brimert@redglead.com

Magnus Bergner

Head of Medicinal Chemistry

Received his PhD in medicinal chemistry from University of Copenhagen. Magnus has extensive experience in organic and medicinal chemistry from several pharmaceutical companies including AstraZeneca, Biovitrum (now Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, SOBI) and Acadia Pharmaceuticals where he has contributed to the discovery of lead compounds in the CNS, metabolic, oncology and inflammatory therapy areas.

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Mail: magnus.bergner@redglead.com


Jessica Larsson

Head of ADME & Analysis

MSc in analytical chemistry at Lund University. Jessica has held positions at Medipharm and Perstorp AB as an analytical chemist. At AstraZeneca in Lund (1998-2011), she was mainly involved in the implementation of new technologies, development of analysis methods, and compound profiling, e.g. solubility, logD and pKa. In addition, she has worked with bioanalysis based on automated sample preparation and analysis with LC-MS/MS as well as XPRD. Jessica has strong skills in instrument maintenance and procurement.

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Mail: jessica.larsson@redglead.com


Mahtab Azimi

Head of Assays & Screening

Has a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Lund University with a proven track-record in pharmaceutical research. She joined AstraZeneca 1998 where she focused mainly on developing and implementing biochemical and cell-based assays as well as screening of compounds. Her background also includes experience in Microbiology such as cloning, expression, protein purification and characterisation. Mahtab held positions at BioInvent, Kabi Pharmacia, Lunds University and Malmö University Hospital.

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Mail: mahtab.azimi@redglead.com

Board of Directors

Anders Löfgren

Chairman of the Board

Anders got D.D.S from University of Gothenburg, EMBA from University of Lund and >30 years experience of marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical industry as well as management from Ciba-Geigy, Searle and Ferring. He is currently, since more than 22 years, Managing Director of Nordic Drugs in Malmö. He is also Chairman of the Board at Galenica AB since more than 11 years and board member at Q-Pharma and Medeon.

Karolina Lawitz

Holds a MSc in organic chemistry from University of Lund, Sweden. In 1984 she joined Ferring AB in Malmö, working with several peptide research projects there until 1996, when she was appointed lead chemist for peptide chemistry at AstraZeneca R&D Lund. In 2011 she left AstraZeneca to found Pepticon AB, now part of Red Glead Discovery. Karolina is co-author of 7 scientific publications and co-inventor of 11 patents and brings with her more than 30 years of experience in peptide and organic synthesis, including: design, preparation, purification and characterization of peptides.


Thomas Brimert

Thomas received a PhD in organic chemistry from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During his post-doc at the University of Odense in Denmark, he developed new synthetic methods of supramolecular building blocks. As Senior Research Scientist at the Medicinal Chemistry, AstraZeneca R&D Lund, 2000-2011, he contributed to successfully delivered clinical candidates within the respiratory & inflammation therapy area. Thomas is co-author of 8 scientific publications and 8 patents.



Red Glead Discovery is a member of Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium™, MVIC™, a group of 24 companies in the Skåne-Copenhagen region that has world class expertise in the inhalation area. MVIC works to globally promote Medicon Valley as an international center of inhalation competence and to offer a comprehensive set of world class services in the inhalation field. The ambition of the consortium is to become the preferred partner of choice in the development of inhalation products.


Redoxis is a CRO with focus on preclinical drug development and efficacy evaluation in models of autoimmunity and inflammatory conditions including autoimmune arthritis and multiple sclerosis. We provide tailor-made, high quality services spanning all aspects of the preclinical phase of the project including MoA evaluation, ex vivo ranking, PK investigation, biomarker identification, in vivo efficacy and biomarker analyses. By using Redoxis as your service provider you will get a dedicated team with a core expertise and many years of experience in the field.


SARomics Biostructures is a privately held research organization specialized in early stages of drug discovery. Within our drug discovery platform we provide R&D support in the areas of structure-based drug-design, computational chemistry, protein crystallization, protein structure determination and NMR spectroscopy analyses. In collaboration with our partners we are also engaged in the design of small-molecule inhibitors of protein kinases.


Truly Translational Sweden AB provides drug development consultancy with an emphasis on translational science. To ensure our customer´s preclinical project ideas are translated into successful clinical development, we offer services in three main areas: 1) strategic planning, 2) pre-clinical pharmacology, 3) biomarkers in animal and man.


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