One cornerstone of our drug discovery arsenal is our medicinal chemistry knowledge combined with organic synthesis capabilities. Our services are based on the medicinal chemistry experience of our highly skilled teams of chemists with years of pharmaceutical industry qualification and solid academic educations. We concentrate on driving medicinal chemistry projects from target idea to patentable and innovative lead compounds and clinical candidates.

We work with projects across therapy areas and with specific expertise in the development of inhaled and orally administered drugs. The medicinal chemistry is often the driving force in a drug discovery project and therefore it is essential to set up an efficient design/make/test cycle to get the most out of every chemistry effort. In this way, we can help you optimize your compound series with regard to different parameters; not just target potency, but also ADME and safety properties.

Understanding the demands of the route of administration and the needs of the patients should guide the chemistry towards a clinical candidate. Medicinal chemistry is also about knowing the competition, IP-strategy and benchmarking against other molecules/therapies.

Red Glead Discovery have a proven track record in project management and execution of a wide range of drug targets. Compound & data logistics, trustworthy protection of confidential information & IP as well as execution of technology transfer are customized according to the needs and desires of each client. Our business models involve both FTE-based models and “fee for service".

Organic Chemistry

Our organic chemists are capable of designing and executing a synthetic scheme of virtually any complexity thanks to our expertise in:

  • Multi-step and stereo-selective synthesis
  • Library design and synthesis
  • Crystallization and salt formation
  • Catalytic processes
  • Isotope labelling
  • Carbohydrate and oligonucleotide chemistry

Purification processes are facilitated by in-house autoflash and preparative HPLC systems enabling timely deliveries of material to our partners and clients.

The produced molecules are thoroughly analyzed and characterized in our analytical labs equipped with NMR, HPLC-UV and –MS, forming the basis for the generation of Certificates of Analysis. Our analytical experts are always available to provide further assistance in these techniques whenever needed.

Depending on the need and desire of the client, either electronic or paper-based laboratory notebooks can be used.


Cases & References

Case 1:

Working in an integrated fashion, RGD supported a Biotech company with a promising compound in an early clinical phase in the discovery of a backup compound with novel properties. The main challenge was to improve oral bioavailability from essentially none to a level appropriate for an orally available candidate compound. Two full-time dedicated chemists of Red Glead Discovery solved the challenge in < 18 months as demonstrated by strong in vivo PK data. The primary success factor was smooth and agile collaboration between parties in several countries.

Case 2: 

RGD was approached by a US mid-size pharmaceutical company in a lead optimization program aiming for improved molecules and strengthening of IP position in a highly competitive field. The initial collaboration with two RGD chemists transformed into a team of eight FTE chemists conducting a full late stage lead optimization chemistry program that involved complex synthetic routes and resulted in several novel subseries with improved and diversified properties.


Labs & Technologies

>500 m2 of modern & well-equipped chemistry labs, incl. >40 fume hoods

Purification capabilities

  • Automated autoflash systems
  • Several preparative HPLC-UV systems
  • Ion exchange chromatography

Analytical capabilities

  • 400 & 500 MHz NMR (1H, 3H, 13C, 15N, 31P, 19F, etc.)
  • HPLC-UV/Fluorescence
  • Analytical HPLC-UV(DAD) (incl. chiral analysis)
  • Analytical HPLC-MS (several systems)

Supportive IT structure incl. ELNs, Reaxys and ChemAxon software solutions

Compound management/storage



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