Our People

We make discoveries fly – meet some of our colleagues with various positions in the company. Their overall mission is to develop new treatments to ultimately benefit patients, together with our clients or through in-house drug discovery programs. Read about their background, what they do and how they feel about working at Red Glead Discovery (RGD).

Niklas Sköld, Associate Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry

When RGD offered a possibility to use my experience as a medicinal chemist in an exciting new drug discovery project, I was delighted. The best aspect of working at RGD is the possibility to grow and work creatively together with a lot of talented co-workers.

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Symantha Zandelin, Lab Engineer, ADME & Analysis

What I enjoy most about the work here is being involved in a wide variety of projects, because there is space to grow and develop and the tasks do not feel routine or repetitive. The relatively small size of the company also makes it easy to have insight into the other functions and collaborate with all my co-workers.

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Hanna Andersson, Senior Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry

I started working at RDG in February 2021. Here, I get the opportunity to work and develop professionally in a strong scientific environment, tackling medicinal challenges by actively contributing to new discoveries and important innovations.

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Reihaneh Zarrizi, Senior Research Scientist, Assays & Screening

I find it exciting to work with the in vitro biology group at RGD s because of its strong assay development expertise in biochemical screening, and close collaboration with partners in developing and validating assays.

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