Symantha Zandelin, Lab Engineer, ADME & Analysis

Aug 20, 2021

What I enjoy most about the work here is being involved in a wide variety of projects, because there is space to grow and develop and the tasks do not feel routine or repetitive. The relatively small size of the company also makes it easy to have insight into the other functions and collaborate with all my co-workers.

I started studying chemistry in 2016 after moving to Sweden from the United States (Minneapolis). I had just recently completed a bachelor´s degree in analytical chemistry at Lund University when I applied to RGD, making this my first job in the field.

As a part of the ADME team, I perform a variety of assays such as in vitro metabolism in microsomes and plasma protein binding, as well as a range of other bioanalytical services. This bioanalytical data is used to gain information about metabolism and pharmacokinetics which aids in the drug development process.

Besides work, I enjoy spending time outdoors, eating a good meal with friends, and exploring the world with my toddler.