Red Glead Discovery and ShareLab Announce the Winners of Small Molecule Start-Up Competition

Apr 30, 2024

In an exciting update, the winners of the start-up competition for small molecule drug discovery in Oslo, Norway have been selected. Last year, we launched a new platform aimed at researchers dedicated to advancing drug discovery in this area. After careful selection and consideration, the prize has been awarded to Dr. Carmen Herrera and Prof. Pål Falnes from Oslo University. Dr. Herrera was recently accepted into the SPARK program at the University of Oslo, and the renowned Falnes group is recognized for their innovative work in protein methylation.

We congratulate Dr. Herrera and Prof. Falnes to the prize which contain an In Silico Hit-finding Campaign worth 100 000 Swedish Kroner. We also thank all participants for their contribution and for making the competition a success.

ShareLab and Red Glead Discovery remain committed to promoting collaboration and backing Norwegian small molecule projects to help them achieve their goals efficiently.