Niklas Sköld, Associate Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry

Aug 20, 2021

When RGD offered a possibility to use my experience as a medicinal chemist in an exciting new drug discovery project, I was delighted. The best aspect of working at RGD is the possibility to grow and work creatively together with a lot of talented co-workers.

I am a project leader in Medicinal Chemistry for a customer project in early drug discovery aiming to produce a candidate to be nominated for clinical studies. The project combines all aspects of drug discovery such as ADME, assays and chemistry.

I started my journey with a Master of Chemistry at Lund University followed by 1.5 years at AstraZeneca. Moving to a small biotech firm in Denmark, 7TM Pharma, for 5 years provided me with different perspectives on medicinal chemistry. The next step was to obtain a PhD in Medicinal chemistry from Copenhagen University, during which I studied in Cambridge for 6 months, finishing in 2014.

Outside of work my interests are running and alpine skiing.