Johan Evenäs

Chief Executive Officer

I am fascinated by problem-solving and the power of teamwork. At Red Glead Discovery (RGD), I have the privilege to experience these processes every day. Drug discovery is a perfect example of where cross-disciplinary teamwork is crucial and everyone’s contribution counts. The combination of a constant drug discovery journey and new, personal relationships with clients, partners and co-workers is really rewarding.

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Martina Kvist Reimer

Executive Vice President

Responding to needs – be it projects, people, or patients, is my pride and my passion. Finding new cures is my motivation, working with others an inspiration. As a scientist, I am fuelled by curiosity and a drive to explore and understand, which forms the basis for our daily work. Developing a trusting, productive work environment for our employees, and fostering a culture of collaboration is important to me, as it clearly benefits our customers.

Richard E. Johnsson

Head of R&D Operations

When I joined RGD in 2014, we were a team of eight people. Already at that time we helped our clients with every part of the pre-clinical discovery. We have grown significantly since then, and I now have the privilege of overseeing many of these efforts, helping to make sure that we have the right resources to make the greatest impact on each project.

Maria Falck Miniotis

Business Development

At RGD, I get to work with very driven & skilled people with the common goal of helping our clients develop new pharmaceutical treatments. I thrive working with data-driven insights, in diverse teams with an open-minded approach to unexplored challenges. Connecting with new people and developing ideas together is what motivates me.

Thomas Brimert

Client Project Management

I choose to study chemistry because I realized this is the subject where I will learn the most about how everything works. Of course, when I read that things like quantum description of the world cannot be understood, I had to give it a try… I now realize it is all about modelling reality, not experiencing or understanding reality itself. Medicinal chemistry is a striking example where it all comes down to having good enough models.

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