Diploma Work

Frida Knutsson and Felix Forsberg 2023, Lund University

A Novel Approach for Fluorescent Peptide Labeling – Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Model Compounds

Andrea Ölander 2022, Lund University

Greening peptide chemistry by using NBP as solvent for SPPS

Albin Olsson 2021, Lund University

Rare Earth Triflate/Alanine Catalyzed Diels Alder and Michael Reactions in Water and an Alternative Pyrrole Synthesis

Kajsa Andréasson Dahlgren 2021, Lund University

Validation of a 3D culture model for toxicity studies in malignant and non-cancerous cells

Sofi Gummeson 2020, Lund University

Synthesis of a 13C-labeled tool compound for diagnostic applications

Artur Sahakjan 2020, Lund University

Fragment screening using WAC towards new SMARCA4 inhibitors

Tomas Laszlo Szakacs 2019, Lund University

Peptide fragment screening towards new inhibitors of neutrophil elastase