Artur Sahakjan, Research Scientist, Peptide Chemistry

Aug 20, 2021

While performing my masters work here at RGD, I had a chance to see the opportunities and positive environment the company provides and thought that this would be a great place to pursue my deep interest  in chemistry.

I obtained my master’s degree in Chemical Engineering after defending my thesis work at Lund University 2020 entitled ´´Fragment screening using WAC towards new SMARCA4 inhibitors´´, which I performed at RGD. Shortly after, I started working as a Research Scientist within the Peptide chemistry division at RGD. I am involved in various projects designing, synthesizing, purifying and analyzing peptides. When I reflect on the work we do here, I sincerely hope that our research contributes to the development of improved and more effective pharmaceuticals.

Besides work I enjoy cooking, hiking, sports and spending time with friends.